Old Time Saturday Night

6:00 AM Barbecue Cook-off begins on 6th Street. This event takes place on the sidewalks and parking areas of the west side of 6th Street, between Harrison and Illinois, and the street remains open until late afternoon.

12:00 PM Parking spaces marked off around the square. Parking spaces directly in front of businesses (Subway, etc) remain open until nearer the event time.

5:00 PM Harrison Street closed from the southeast corner of the Courthouse Square to 7th and Harrison.

6:30 PM Official start of the event.

8:30 PM Cars begin to line up for the parade.

9:00 PM Parade starts

10:00 PM End of event

Blocked-Off Parking and Detour:

  • The East end of Harrison will be blocked off to all vehicles. It will open to the parade route when it starts.
  • All show vehicles will enter from the west at 7th and Harrison. OTSN staff will direct show vehicles into the OTSN area and other vehicles to visitor parking.
  • Show vehicles will park on both sides of the street facing east. When parking spaces have filled with show vehicles, we will line vehicles down the center of the street.
  • Visitor parking is available along Illinois Street, and along the open streets surrounding the OTSN area.
  • The Baptist Church has visitor parking available, and they will run a shuttle from the church to the downtown area.
  • Handicap parking will be available along the west side of 6th between Granite and Forest, right next to the elementary school. A shuttle will take handicap visitors to the downtown area.

Parade/Cruise Route:

  • At 8:30 pm, cars travel east at Harrison, turn onto Highway 64 and then cross the bridge near the Armory.
  • Vehicles travel through Pawnee Nation grounds until they are facing west on Harrison at the 4-way stop.
  • Once all eastbound show vehicles have cleared the OTSN area, the parade will begin.
  • Vehicles that finish the parade may disperse and re-park from 7th and Harrison.
  • After the parade, Harrison Street is re-opened to traffic.